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15 rare and strange Symptoms of MS!

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It is not easy to live with a chronic and unpredictable disease like Multiple Sclerosis. The quality which makes MS so unique is the fact that it is full of unusual and rare symptoms.


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Some of those symptoms are rare and some are strange. You cannot anticipate the future.

Multiple Sclerosis is so unpredictable. You don’t know what the next moment may bring. Patients are content from sunrise-to-sunset with their health one day, and face strange symptoms the very next day.

What’s surprising about MS symptoms is that they can affect so many different functions that people rely on every day in their lives,

Rosalind Kalb, PhD, a clinical psychologist and a consultant to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS).

Rare MS Symptoms

Some symptoms such as fatigue, pain, and mobility issues are common in many patients, others are rare and may surprise them. Kalb says,

Some are physical, some emotional, and some intellectual. We tend to focus on the ones we can all see, but many people may be living with a variety of symptoms that just aren’t apparent.”

In this article, we describe twenty such rare MS symptoms which may shock many people.

many people may be living with a variety of symptoms that just aren’t apparentFlights may cause Rela

Some MS patients have complained relapses after long haul flights. Scientists are yet to prove the underlying cause. It can either be due to a high altitude or confined setting.

The strange “MS Hug”

ms hug

This super strange symptom of MS is very interesting!

Patients feel like they are being squeezed and hugged by ‘someone’ around their stomach and torso. Patients may also experience difficulty in breathing. Who will you approach if this happens to you, a doctor or an ‘email baba’?

People will consider it related to MS in the west, but in the east, beliefs are different!

In the east, especially in Pakistan & India, people consider ‘MS hug’ as a result of some spell or a demon has possessed the person.

According to them, the person does not need medicine, but an amulet!

Uncontrolled Sobbing or Laughing

Nerve damage in the area of your brain that controls emotions can cause extreme reactions. Pseudo bulbar affect (PBA) or emotional incontinence, prompts arbitrary upheavals of laughter or tears.

Sometimes it’s frustrating; especially if a person bursts with laughter at a funeral!

Treatment: Antidepressants, for example, tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) and particular serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), can help diminish the recurrence and seriousness of PBA.

Hearing Problems:

Another very uncommon problem is a hearing problem. People may hear a ringing bell or don’t hear anything at all.

This system of MS; however, is very rare. If you experience this problem, it is highly recommended that you talk to your neurologist and an audiologist.


spiral staircase

Dizziness is a common symptom of MS. In dizziness, the patient feels lightheadedness, fainting, or off-balance. Vertigo,

When you have a vertigo episode, you feel as though the room is spinning around you “To experience how vertigo feels like spin round and round, then stop. Now the world is spinning? Multiple Sclerosis patients with vertigo feel similar to what you are feeling now. Vertigo can make you off-balance and injure yourself.  

Dr. Kalb

To treat vertigo, first visit an otolaryngologist, fancy name for an ENT specialist. If you are certain that the vertigo is because of MS, then visit your neurologist as early as possible.

We don’t recommend any drug; it’s the doctor’s job.

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Face Flashes

One of the strange symptoms of MS is Face Flashes.

. Damage to nerves can trigger trigeminal neuralgia. It is a stabbing, burning or stun like pain in your jaw or cheek. The feeling may quickly blur away or remain for a couple of minutes.

It very well may be the first indication of MS.

You may feel it comes as pain; Pain on one side of your face, similar to dental pain, or tingle., or tingle.

Speech Disorders

When the nerves which control speech in your brain and also those in the spinal cord are damaged, speech problems are experienced. Mild to severe speech problems depends on:

  1. the part of brain-damaged, and
  2. how much that area is damaged.


  • Nasal-sounding speech
  • Trouble changing the tone of voice
  • Slurring words. It usually happens because of a weak tongue, lip, and mouth muscles.

Eye Pain

Patients experience pain in one or both eyes. This pain is known as optic neuritis. It is caused by the damage to the sensory nerves between the brain and one or both eyes. The condition may get better or worse over the course of the disease.

Regularly visit an eye-specialist. He/she will prescribe you drugs and/or other treatments.

Swallowing Difficulties:

Imagine your eyes are aching and you have to prepare and make powerpoint slides for an important presentation the very next day.


It’s another unusual & very annoying MS symptom. An MS patient faces trouble swallowing food and drinking the liquid.

Doctors have a name for swallowing disorders, dysphagia. Patients will have varying degrees of this problem; some have mild and some have severe.

Following are the most obvious symptoms of this problem:

  • Feel like food is lodged in your throat
  • Cough or choke when you eat
  • Get a lot of lung infections, like pneumonia, that you can’t explain.

One of the biggest issues, as a result of this problem, you may face is you might take the food not to your stomach through the esophagus, but to your lungs through the windpipe.

Because of this difficulty in eating and drinking, you may want to eat or drink as little as possible. You will face malnutrition and dehydration.


10. Itching

MS can damage the nerves responsible for communication with the skin. This damage can cause you to feel itchy despite of any sign of irritation. 

Any skin cream or herbal product won’t help because the problem is neurological.

The itch which isn’t what it’s called! An intense and sudden tingle prickles all of a sudden, anyplace on your body.

But there’s no skin irritation or allergy to apply rash cream to. Surprisingly, this sort of itch doesn’t originate from your skin. Synesthetic itching is a nerve-related impression that passes rapidly.

Treatment: It’s treatable with prescriptions for epilepsy. The NMSS prescribes several medications for itching.

These include anticonvulsants such as Tigerton (carbamazepine) & Neurontin (gabapentin); Ataraxic (hydroxyzine); and antidepressants such as Elavil (amitriptyline).

Proper treatment can improve your speech and make speaking as easy as it was earlier.

11. Fiery Feet

An undesirable sensation like thorny pins-and-needles, burning, and numbness anywhere in your body is termed as Synesthesia.

For instance, your feet may all of a sudden vibe blistered, without any heat source.

Reason: Your brain gets distorted nerve signals, so it tries to identify with something it envisions or recalls. At times it thinks of some quite crazy stuff.

Treatment: You can treat the weird emotions with nerve pain medicines.

12. Electric Zaps in Spine

Believe us, Thermite’s sign is a symptom of MS.

It’s an unexpected “electric” zap that shoots down your spine and legs. It happens for the most part when you flex your neck forward, as when you get your hair cut.

Reason: Lesions in the cervical spine – your neck region – cause it.

Treatment: Thermite’s leaves as fast as it comes, so it ordinarily needn’t bother with treatment.

13. Blurred Vision

The optic nerve connects your eye to your brain. Damage to it is called Optic Neuritis.

This can trigger something many refer to as Uhthoff’s phenomenon. In it, your vision quickly goes blurry when your body temperature rises. (Other MS symptoms may also worsen).

blurred vision

Exercise, sweltering showers, warm climate – even hair dryers – would all be able to make eye-to-brain signals iffier than expected.

Make sure to do the following before you practice or go out in the warmth.

  • Take a cool shower,
  • Use a gel pack, and
  • Drink cool water.

14. Optical Illusion

MS can play a trick on you called Ulrich phenomenon. Optic neuritis is responsible for this one as well. It’s a 3-D illusion brought about by conflict in vision.

You many miss a ball as you attempt to catch it. Is this the reason why our fielders drop catches! The coach should make an appointment with an ophthalmologist.

Treatment: A special filter can balance your vision.

15. Sudden spasms:

Reason: Paroxysms happen when electrical releases fire in harmed zones of your brain.

Sudden, brief spasms called, paroxysms, may flood through your arm or leg, or the muscles you use to eat and talk.

In spite of the fact that they can rehash a few to all the time, the session ordinarily ends in a couple of months.

Treatment: You can treat them with antiepileptic prescriptions.

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