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I wanted to establish an office. So, I wanted to know what things are needed for the office set up. I’m running a content marketing business.

Don’t argue that blogging and content marketing are one of the same. People think so but both are not. Scribewise explains the two in detail.

I was wondering what things are needed in an office. I searched the internet, talked to people and came up with a list of things needed in an office.

First, you try to answer a little question.
When setting up a new office, what things ONE needs?

I know you made a ‘little’ list covering all the top office equipment and supplies. Let’s take a look and see if you missed anything.

Imagine you start a new business, After brainstorming for several hours you come up with a wonderful name (name your business).

Write its name in the comments below. I’ll use the name which gets the most recommendations in my next articles, Just for this article, let’s call your business ‘myBiz’.


When a person tries to establish an office, he/she requires some necessary equipment. And so does myBiz needs those things. Those are must-haves for businesses these days.

Running a money-making business these days with these following is impossible. MyBiz needs the following things. 


You need a desk to place your important documents, computer and so on. The design may change according to your role in the office (you’re the owner of myBiz so an executive chair is perfect for you), it’s material (glass, plastic, chipboard or wood) & color.

Soges 59 x 59 inches Large L-Shaped Desk Computer Desk L Desk Office Desk Workstation Desk, Black CS-ZJ02-BK

SHW Vista Corner L Desk

Amazon's Choice recommends

DlandHome L-Shaped Computer Desk 59 inches x 59 inches, Composite Wood and Metal, Home Office PC Laptop Study Workstation Corner Table with CPU Stand, ZJ02-BB Black and Black
ApexDesk Elite Series 71" W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, Memory Controller (71" Fox Teakwood Top, Black Frame)

or check 5 modern and sturdy desks for your office.


Where are you going to sit, or work?

Obviously, on a chair!

You need a comfortable chair for yourself.

Also for your employees and your clients.

Make sure the seats are comfortable and support the spine. You don’t wanna ruin the experience with you.

3 best chairs for your lower back and hip pain in 2020
Spend your money on chairs with these 6 features

Remember, health is more important than work

AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Office Desk Chair - Brown with Pewter Finish, BIFMA Certified

AmazonBasics Classic Leather-Padded Mid-Back Office Desk Chair with Armrest - Black, BIFMA Certified

Furmax Office Mid Back Swivel Lumbar Support Desk, Computer Ergonomic Mesh Chair with Armrest (Black)

3 colors

7 colors

Best Choice

Best Choice


Readers are Leaders, and Leaders are Readers

You want your business to function as the leading one in the industry, don’t you?

Read good books then…

I know what went through your mind….Read more books to be a business leader. You mean, every school-going child is a leader! what are you sayin’??

Books have keys which open the doors of wisdom! You need the wisdom to excel. Without it, you are an ordinary human.

A book which will teach you:

  • Management
  • Business s
  • negotiation
  • modern use of technology

You and your employees need cabinets to put your files and documents.

Choose a fixed cabinet or those with wheels. There are plenty of beautiful designs on which you can invest.


You need a gadget that can allow you to communicate with your employees, clients, customers, and suppliers. You just need:

A Telephone set/mobile phone/smartphone,  
High-speed Internet to use communication apps for
• Video calling
• Voice Calling using apps
• Social networking
• Facebook
• Wattsapp
• Google Hangout


The Internet has become a necessity for businesses. In fact, this article is made available to you in your country via the internet. You wouldn’t be reading this article without it.

You need to

  • send files, emails, documents,
  • reserve tickets (if traveling for a business meeting)
  • communicate with those in another city or country.
  • send/receive payments

Best Internet Service providers in different countries:


Your business needs a computer, and a faster one with all the needed software installed in it. So you need to make sure your office has the following:

A high-speed CPU

Buy the one:

  • which has a fast processor
  • As many RAM slots as possible
  • Is equiped with a good Video card
an LCD monitor 1 or 2 (s). If you are short-sighted like me, you need a large one: 17″ or higher.
easy-on-fingers keyboard  
mouse (laser)  
mouse-pad (if necessary) My computer table covered with black Formica. I don’t need a mouse-pad.
Printer We recommend a laser printer, but you can invest in ink-jet printers. Connect all the office printers.
Scanner If required
all-in-one printer You can also invest in (and we highly recommend you should) all-in-one printers. There are many you can find on Amazon.


Magazine and coat racks Read a magazine in your leisure time and hang your coat in winter.
Lamps and lighting equipment Going with a smart light is not a wise decision when you’re starting an office.
Papers, paper-cli[p, and scissor  
staplers with staple-pins  
Glue stick/glue-gun  


That was all small business needs. As myBiz gets bigger you’ll have to invest in some more things. Here are the details of that equipment and supplies.:


Desks and Tables bigger and more in quantity.
Chairs You are a boss now. You need one for managers, secretaries, office staff and for meetings.

File cabinets

Overhead and work lighting You can now invest in fancy lighting.

I would suggest spending on LED listings. These are more economical than regular lights.
  Client seating   This chair is different from that of a manager. You need a comfortable chair with good design.
  Bookcases   You want to progress in the business. Therefore, you need to read books Remember, readers are leaders & leaders are readers.
  Postage meter If your customers ship medium to the h8ish volume of the letter and small packages, you need these.

What is a postage meter?

Those are printing machines or systems print postage directly onto your mailpieces or on to meter tape.

Authorities provide these machines on l=lease. The one provided use postage matter in-home or office.
 Fireproof safe  
Office decorations When someone works he/she requires the right environment for it too. You should decorate every room in your office.
Decorations make the atmosphere and office environment very pleasant for work.
Wall whiteboard and markers: Businesses like HappyLifepk (blog & content marketing) badly need those in their meeting rooms.


Desktop computer and monitor Fast CPU, more RAM and bigger monitors >17”
Keyboard and mouse You can either buy a wireless keyboard & mouse or purchase those with wires
Broadband connection and cables.  
Printer (Laser, Ink-jet, or all-in-one printer)
Notebook computer a.k.a. laptops  
CD writer  
PowerPoint projector Employees use PowerPoint slides to give presentations. Have yo0u ever heard an oral presentation?
Digital/DSLR camera You don’t always show stock photos?!
Handheld organizer  
Surge protector  
Computer locks  
Large whiteboard.  
Security system Not only for your office but also f
Internet connectivity.  
Microwave Oven Usually used in the office kitchen


Contact management software
  • Insightly.
  • Agile CRM.
  • Bitrix24.
  • Close.
  • HubSpot CRM.
  • Pipedrive.
  • Redtail CRM.
  • Salesforce CRM.

Website building and maintenance software
  • Wix. A truly powerful website builder which is highly polished. 
  • Constant Contact. Free. …
  • Weebly. Build a website with a user-friendly wizard and a WYSIWYG editor. …
  • WordPress. Ideal for static sites, portfolios, online stores and blogs. …
  • Incomedia WebSite X5. …
  • CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor. …
  • Joomla.
Payment processing software
  • Venmo for Business.
  • Amazon Pay.
  • PayPal Here.
  • Stripe Payments.
  • Square Payments.
  • CyberSource.
  • EPX.
  • Braintree Direct.
E-commerce software
  • Shopify – Everything you need to sell anywhere. …
  • Magento – eCommerce software solutions for large & growing companies. …
  • Bigcommerce– Redefining Enterprise Ecommerce. …
  • Squarespace – Create your own space. …
  • PrestaShop – Free Ecommerce Software.
Inventory management software
  • NetSuite ERP.
  • Vendhq.
  • Zoho.
  • SAP Business One Professional.
  • Cin7.
  • Fishbowl.
  • Brightpearl.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.
Web Hosting & domain name


Desk telephone  
Telephone line  
Cordless telephone  
Fax machine  
Internet connection  
Toll-free line  
Answering machine/service  
Cordless headset  
Tape recorder Your smartphone comes with an installed recorder.
Desk telephone  
Telephone line  
Cordless telephone  
Fax machine  
Internet connection  
Toll-free line  
Answering machine/service  


POS System

Especially is your myBiz is a retail/wholesale business.

Labeling machine


Paper shredder


Paper cutter




Recycling bin


Alarm system


Fire extinguisher


TV System


Ice bin




Speed bottles




Glue gun


Bottle opener


Paring knives


Cutting boards


Hand sink


Soap/ sanitizer dispenser


Paper towel dispenser


Water dispenser


Sanitizer buckets


Cleaning rags


Desktop and pocket calculators


Coffee machine and mugs.


Protective deck covering(s).


Legal pads.


Sticky notes.


2 and 3 hole punches.


A rubber date stamp and ink pad.


Rubber bands.


Sticky Tape.


Staple removers.


Staplers with staple-pins


Colored sticky tabs.


Business cards




Postage stamps


Printer cartridges


CD and floppy disks


Pencils and pens


Printer paper


Cleaning supplies




File folder




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