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[Updated] A social issue example in Asia may show as the real cause behind paedophilia

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The incident in Qasoor, Pakistan in 2018 showed us an example of social issues in different countries. Although the incident only happened in Qasoor, a small city of the Punjab province of Pakistan, it showed directions in every society.

The criminals of the Qasoor incident not only raped and killed the seven-year-old, Zainab, but they also did the same with the whole society. It was not an unforeseen incident but there had been eleven such cases in the same city throughout the year. In this article, In this article, the explain what research states about pedophilia and its causes.


The entire country is raged and furious over this incident of Paedophilia, and it reserves right in doing so. An overwhelming majority of people spent their efforts in cursing the criminals, but few are willing to address the roots of the problem.  We need to find a solution of growing pedophilic behaviour in our country if we want to avoid such cases.

What research states about Pedophilia:

Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which

a person finds sexual attraction in prepubescents – children before the age of puberty (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.)

The criteria for paedophilia is the prepubescent age of 8 to 11 to age 13.

A person needs to meet two criteria to be a paedophile:

  1. He/She needs to be at least five years older than the prepubescent child.
  2. He/She must be 16 years of age.

Female Pedophiles:

Although male pedophiles are usually reported, female paedophiles also exhibit this behaviour. Females are documented to be 0.4% to 4% of the criminals. However, reports suggest that such figures underrepresent the true figure.

Previously American Psychological Association (APA) believed the disorder is merely a sexual orientation; however it changed its view and declared that it considered the disorder a paraphilia.

Paraphilia is “a condition characterized by abnormal sexual desires, typically involving extreme or dangerous activities.”

Causes of pedophile behaviour

Research on the causes of paedophilia was started in 2002. Although the cause of paedophilia has not been documented, researchers have found evidence of a correlation between the disorder and child pornography (Lanning, Kenneth V., 2010).

The FBI agent, Ken Lenning, holds the view that child pornography indicates the presence of a link between the two; however, it fails to prove any crime or intention. Some other studies found a strong link between paedophilia and neurological disorders. The abnormalities found are listed below:

  • Greater rates of non-right-handedness,
  • Lower IQs,
  • Greater rates of school grade failure over and above the IQ differences,
  • Poorer scores on memory tests,
  • Several differences in MRI-detected brain structures,
  • Lesser physical height, and
  • Greater probability of having suffered childhood head injuries resulting in unconsciousness.

Research on the disorder suggests that there is no cure for it (Sato, 2009); However, offenders can be taught to control their urges and themselves.

1. Pornography

Viewing pornographic videos is a rising phenomenon among Pakistani youth. Whatever are the reasons, this article doesn’t cover those. Child pornography is a sub-genre of pornography; viewing such content is illegal in some countries. In Pakistan, child abuse is also on the rise. Let’s examine whether any relationship between child pornography and paedophilia exists.

In the Research:

Research has been conducted to prove the hypothesis. Much disagreement exists in this regard.

A study was done in 2009 – quite recent – in America on 341 convicted criminals of paedophilia. The research found that pornography use had a strong relationship with their rate of sexually re-offending.

Research has shown that child pornography increases the likelihood of paedophilia. Some shocking figures were revealed in several studies by Mayo Clinic USA. Results indicated that

  • 30% to 80% of viewers of child pornography showed paedophilic behaviours.
  • In addition, 76% of those arrest for viewing Internet child pornography had molested a child.

They also stated that it was difficult to know how many viewers were involved in an actual physical encounter with a child.

Causal relationship:

In the episode of Harf-e-Raz aired on January 10, 2018, The guest noted a relationship between attractive dress and paedophilia.

People, who call themselves liberals, do not seem to understand that relationship. They spend their time on criticizing one or two points the guest made. Read these comments posted on Facebook:

Jibran Nasir response to Orya Maqbool Jan's misogyny

My response to #OryaMaqboolJan's misogynistic and shameless suggestion that women are raped and killed because men are provoked by their dresses and how they are allowed to mingle freely in society which is also leading to men abusing children & being killed.

Posted by Mohammad Jibran Nasir on Thursday, January 11, 2018

Pornography (soft or hard) –> psychiatric disorders –> Pedophilia

2. Media:

Majority of the content shown in Pakistani media can also be blamed for such criminal behaviour. In contrast, some people on social media websites, such as Facebook, believe otherwise. They have strong opinion negating possibilities that any ‘dress’ can motivate anyone with child molesting or sexually harming anyone.

This belief is far from reality, however.

The dresses worn in Pakistani media, films, and dramas, are provocative enough to sexually attract anyone. A sexually attractive dress can motivate anyone to show unacceptable behaviour towards children.

Making people psychiatric patients

Our beloved media and its programmes, not all but most, make people psychologically disturbed and psychiatric patients. Many people in Pakistan carry diseases such as depression and Bipolar Disorder. In an October 09, 2016 issue of the Daily Dawn reports that 50M Pakistani suffers from mental disorders. The actual figure is more in number than the one quoted but we accept it.

That means, in 2016, 50M people out of approx. 200M – about 25% or 1 in every 4 people – suffered from a mental disorder.

“Approximately 20 million children or 10pc of the population in our country need attention from mental health practitioners,” said Dr Ayesha Mian, chairperson of the department of psychiatry at the Aga Khan University (AKU) at a dialogue held on mental health at the Karachi Press Club on Saturday.

A very common observation of people carrying a psychiatric disease is the public reaction to the result of a Cricket match. You might see people playing with their TV sets; hitting it with a powerbomb like Triple H or Batista. You might also hear people bragging about how great that victory was or boasting about how awesome was their team. You will hear claims like, “We are better than everyone and none can defeat us!”

Slang and Abusive Language:

Another evidence of a psychologically disturbed individual is excessive use of abusive language. The best person for abuse is the wife or any person who is perceived inferior.

Gas is the result of a disturbed stomach so as abusive words are an effect of a rotten mind.

3. Late Marriages & those Full of Formalities:

You can add another variable in the proposed causal model Late marriages:

Late Marriage à Pornography à psych. disorders à Pedophilia

4. Corruption

It’s every journalist’s first scream. Corruption is one of those leeches which have been sucking nation’s blood for decades. The intensity has been doubled since the end of the previous decade.

A belief prevails that if one sexually abuses a child, he can get away with the use of power and money.

I believe this incident will be forgotten just like every other case; Courtesy corruption!

5. Dark Web

The internet what you see is just 5% of the total web. This internet is called ‘surface web’. The surface web has more than 2 billion web pages. How many pages make up the total web, then? Do a simple calculation…

Surface web: 2 Billion+ pages

total percentage: 5%

then 2 / 5% = 40

so, the total web contains more than 40 billion pages!

The hidden web is made up of 2 parts:

  1. Deep web
  2. Dark web: This is the playing ground of criminals.

Crimes, such as

  • Illegal trade
  • Trade of Illegal Drugs,
  • sale of weapons,
  • child pornography.

happen on the dark web.

Analysts hold firm views that child pornography on the dark web is behind the murder of Zainab.

The rapists are responsible for spreading fasad in Allah’s land. We must punish those responsible with a punishment people remember. We should also address the factors responsible for such incidents.

Share your views in the comments below about what are the causes behind such incidents

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