best walker for MS patients

best walker for MS patients: Comodita Prima Heavy-Duty Rolling Walker review

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Model number:COM 100
Weight20.5 lbs
Weight Tolerance400 lbs
Tire (diameter)8 Inches
Seat width15″
Seat MaterialNylon
Handle Height (adjustable)35″ – 39 “
Colors4 (Red, Graphite, Champagne, Metallic Blue)

Most patients with Multiple Sclerosis disease find walking difficult. They require assistive devices for the purpose Doctors often recommend a walker. To help make the right decision, we have reviewed the best walker for MS patients, the Comodita Prima.

The best walker for MS patients

Comodità Prima Heavy-Duty Rolling Walker is the best walker for MS patients & it is the one which patients have been searching for


For the reasons you’ll read below!

What does an MS patients needs the most in a device? It’s safe and strong.

The walker is designed to be one of the safest, stongest, and durable walkers available.


The Prima by Conodita has a modern design and it is sturdy and strong The chair can hold 400 lbs (182kg) of weight.

The weight is not placed on the side of the wheels but, right above it.

The walker is tested and approved under standards for rolling walkers.


The “S” shaped back wheel support provides extra space for the feet to move. That extra shape helps patients to avoid tripping and falling.

Who is this for:

This is a special walker made for those with

  • stability issues,
  • those looking for a high-quality & sturdy product which could support their full weight.


The rear wheels are wider than those in the front. The wider back wheels allow for extra room for the feet to move,

Although the wheels are wider, the chair remains slender enough to pass through doorways wider than 27″.

The wheels can easily move outdoors, on any surface: crushed rock or uneven terrain.

There is no chance of accident roll as extra­large 8-inch tires provide superior grip on slippery floors..


The handles are adjustable according to need. Anyone who is 6’4” or less in height can easily hold the walker. Note that there is no wobbling in the handles, even if it is fully extended. Another example of the chair is safe.


The walker has a comfortable padded nylon seat. The sturdy seat provides comfortable sitting. The seat can be lifted to reveal a large storage pouch. This makes sopping easy for the patients. .


Comodita walker provides an added ergonomic backrest. This makes sitting easy, comfortable, and safe.

Convenient under seat storage bag.


If you feel like it is getting difficult for you to control the walker. You can Immediately step it by apply powerful brakes just below the handles. Hand-brake locks for safety while sitting.


It can tolerate weight of 400 poinds which is another proof of its strong frame.

This model is almost 2 lb. heavier than similar models. Its increased weight is due to the reinforced frames in it and the wheel support for increased safety,


Above mentioned features make this walker the best for MS patients. Read the features again and order it NOW!

Pros & Add-Ins
  • Pisa cup holder available upon request
  • Comfortable padded 15″ wide nylon seat
  • ergonomic backrest.
  • Adjustable handle height
  • handbrake locks.

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