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20 best laptop accessories for gamers: The complete guide

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When you have a laptop you ought to have some accessories besides a laptop. Without those, you could not play the latest game title like an expert. You couldn’t aim accurately with the built-in touchpad on the device. What are those needed accessories? Here’s our pick of the hottest and best laptop accessories for gamers.

Not getting any accessories instead of buying a laptop alone will significantly interfere in your gaming experience. if you choose to play games with your touchpad, It is close to impossible to unleash the full potential of your machine

The accessories for your laptop will take everything you love about your latest hardware to a whole new level. For example, If you are doing business, and do a lot of typing, then it is beneficial to get a good quality mechanical keyboard so you can work smoothly.

Read about those must-needed laptop accessories, buy and add those to your arsenal.

I have divided the list into three categories: A, B, and C. Category A enlists those accessories which an absolute must-have for any gamer. Category B are those accessories that make the job (games) easy. And category C accessories ar those gadgets which provide additional value to a tamer.

What's in this article...

best laptop accessories for gamers – Category A

The must have best laptop accessories for gamers include gadget which a gamer needs. For instance a mouse, a track pad, headphone and a few others.

Laptop bag

When you buy a laptop the first thing which strikes your mind is where would you keep it. The place mujst be safe, the device should be easy to carry.

The very first thing you must spend your money on is a laptop bag, especially made for suubh devices.

“ok! I understand but what should I buy”, you ask

When out in the market for an entirely new bag, the vintage Leather bag by DHK is a solid choice. It has room for an 18-inch laptop, handmade, simple leather, and perfect to use as a: messenger bag. for both men and women, The bag comes with padded shoulder straps to hang on the shoulder.


A mouse, and in this case, a gaming moujse is another must accessory to have with a gaming laptop . Your movement is very limited with a touchpad. .You need a gaming mouse to freely move in the game.

You can buy a wired mouse or a wireless mouse; It’s your choice. If you buy a wired mouse you’ll have to stay as mujch as the wire allows you. A wireless mouse lets you go as far as your laptop catches the signals.


Low budgetSOON GO Gaming mouse☻ up to 3200Dpi, 4 level 1200/1600/2400/3200.
☻ 4 LED Colors Lights and 6 Buttons Design
Buy on Amazon
High BudgetLogitech G502 SE Hero High Performance☻ 16k most accurate sensors
☻ onboard memory and 11 customizable buttons
Buy on Amazon
Logitech Wireless Mouse m317☻ For every OS: windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Linex
☻ Range: 10 meters (33 ft)
Buy on Amazon


The touchpad by sensel Morph is a must have touchpad.

☻ The pad has over 20,000 sensors with 32,000 levels of touch sensitivity.

☻ It can register up to 16 simultaneous touch points,

☻ The pad comes with overlays customized for specific applications.

The pad comes with 10 overlays in total. Those include options for music, keyboards, and gaming controls. The touchpad has a wireless an a wired (USB) version.


This is among the duties of a gamer to buy a decent headphone. A headphone can be wired or wireless.

A good headphone is crucial gadget of gaming. The headset adds gives you an idea on what is happening around you in-game: the opponents and the overall atmosphere. You want to hear the footsteps your opponents are making & that’s only possible with a good headphone.

Ind3eed our gaming laptop will surely come with a pair of speakers. Moreover, those should be enough as those are likely to be of very high quality. But, at times, listening to your laptop’s built-in speakers may not be enough. You need a headphone for that reason.


SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC Wired Gaming Headset

SteelSeries’s popularity is to create gaming peripherals. Their headsets are their best-performing items. This headset is certified for Hi-Res audio. With his headset on, the game sounds and music are heard in a different light. The headset is designed considering the best interest of gamers.

The GameDAC:

One of the positives of this headset is its feature to let gamers adjust the sound settings using the GameDAC. it acts similarly to what a sound card does dedicate fo the purpose. It does two tasks:

  1. Takes processing away from your computer and
  2. Handles all the settings changes without installing any software. For example modify the volume, balance, and even the equalizer.

One of its exciting features is it offering the surround sound capabilities. Another exciting feature is the LED ring around the cup of the headset. The LED lights up whenever the headset is connected.

Weight426 g
Speaker Drivers40mm Neodynium
Microphone TypeBidirectional Noise Canceling
Sound CardYes
RGB LightingYes

Buy on Amazon


HyperX Cloud Alpha

Do you take interest in gaming? If yes, then you definitely know about the HyperX Cloud Alpha. The headset is a marvel for its price. The headset is durable and comfortable. So you can have hours long gaming session, You will not feel like you had worn the headset throughout that period.

You can connect the headset to anything with a 3.5mm headphone jack. This means with a laptop or a PC or a mobile phone. The device is surely a plug and play device. It means that you do not need to install any type of software for it to run. All you do is plug the device and it starts playing.

Weight336 g
Speaker Drivers40mm dual Chamber
Microphone TypeDetachable Noise Canceling
Sound Cardx
RGB Lightingx

Buy on Amazon


Unlike popular belief, joysticks aren’t just great for flight simulators onlyThey cam. in fact, work well for a many different games, including fighting games, like Tadden, Art of Fighting, Mortal Kombat, etc.

Joysticks offer a wonderful gaming experience and make it easier. Some capable and impressive joysticks for a gaming laptop include the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick, Extreme 3D Pro, and more.

Desk & Chair for Gamers

First of all, you need a desk to organize all your gaming accessories. A simple lap desk (for laptops) is enough.

You also need a gaming chair to sit in. If you can’t find a gaming chair specially designed for gaming, then any ergonomic chair or any chair to sit for long will be enough.

CPU Cooling Mat

Heat and water are two enemies of every computer. You want to keep the CPU cool. Heat is largely expected since the laptop crams a powerful multi-core CPU. In addition, the laptop holds a capable GPU in its compact body.

If your laptop gets hot that’s a good sign that it needs something to cool it,

What to do:

Buy the Targus Portable Lightweight lap chill mat. It is a 2.2 x 15.1 x 12 inches tilted mat. The chill mat features two fans below a ventilated grill to circulate heat.  It is powered via a USB port, The four rubber stops on its bottom prevents it from moving, and features

Other Accessories for gamers:

The above accessories are must-haves when you have a gaming laptop. Below is a list of some other best accessories for gamers. The items in italic are (not absolutely, but) important for every gamer. And those in plain text are some value-added accessories and make the (gaming) task easy.

Laptop stands


Portable charging

USB Charger


External Hard Drive

Headphone holders

USB Memory Stick

USB reading lamp

Keyboard Protector

The screen cleaner

The card reader

The webcam

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