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3 best computer chair for long hour sitting in 2020

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Working from home and at a computer for long hours is becoming a new normal. People especially tthose who spend most of their times in front of a computer need a chair for that purpose. In this article we have collected a ,list of best computer chair for long hour sitting.

People who are programmers, graphic designers, blogger, and web designers have to sit long hours for their work. You may not be working at home but at a traditional office.

What make the best computer chair for long hour sitting

A healthy employee is a productive worder

Are you wondering any chair is enough for me? No, sir!!!

You need a chair perfect for you. beneficial for your health.

Okay, so what features are necessary in he best chair for long hour sitting?

This is the right question….a good computer chair has following features.

Back support

When I was under treatment for my spine they told me to sit ina chair which supports my back if not upper back then it must support my lower back. Moreover, I must not set lower back free. Instead, had to give it proper support.

And this is what I tell uyou…

Give your back, especislly lower-back, proper support when sitting

I see chairs not supporting back. I tell you, when you sit for long hours, sit on a chair which supports your back.


The physiotherapist at KKT advised me to take five minute break after sitting for thirty minutes. This is to change position.

A good chair must allow to recline in order to change position of the spine.

Adjustable height

How wil a shorter person sit on a tall chair? With legs either hanging or the feet partially thouching the gound. Both sitting posters are damaging for your hips and put undue pressure on your spine.

Humans have different heights; some are short but some people are taller. One size cannot fit all. Therefore, it is important to for a chair to allow change in height for diff accordingly.

It is important to sit fwith feet firm on the grond,

knees should be slightly higher than the hoips. The back and the thigs should make an L.


When working on a computer, people spend most of ther times either working on a keyboard. You need armrests to support your elbows.


A good chair must rotate 360-degrees so that you can take any thing which is placed at any other position.

3 Computer chairs for long hours Sitting  

Here’s a list of 7 such chairs which which are pecfect if you sit on a computer for long hours.    

Yopu can check other chairs from these brands . Just click on the names and you’ll be taken directly to their respective seller pages.     

Ergohuman High Back Chair

Does this chair meet the NAMSCA features of a good chair?

Neck support‼
Adjustable Lumbar Support
Swivel and Casters
Comfortable sitting floor.
Adjustable Armrests
Sufficient width and depth
NAMSCA features

If you are searching for the best ergonomic office chair that genuinely epitomizes those features, then your search is over. The chair by Eurotech, the Ergohuman chair, has Ergonomic features that are difficult to match..

These office chairs can offer the ideal parity of safety and comfort for long hour seating.

It makes no difference if its user is short or tall in height. It is easy to adjust its height.


It offers a variety of flexible adjustments, for example, that of:

  • back height,
  • headrest
  • lumbar support, and
  • seat pad acclimation to fit the convenience needs of individual users.

Moreover, the armrests are those which bestow some artfulness into the adjustments.


You can change the back support in 3 distinct positions and furthermore lock it in any of these with the tilt-locking system. Simply open the bolt and push the chair back to its new position.

The chair quickly locks and unlocks.


The chair has a breathable mesh seat. This ios to promote air cirlation and support.


Its nylon casters make moving the chair easily without making any scratch on the floor.

  • The breathable mesh prevents sweating and stickiness and allows airflow.
  • Its ergonomic design maintains the natural alignment of the spine.
  • Unlike other chairs, it offers limited degrees of recline.

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Hbada Recliner Office Chair

Does this chair meet the NAMSCA features of a good chair?

Neck support‼
Adjustable Lumbar Support
Swivel and Casters
Comfortable sitting floor.
Adjustable Armrests
Sufficient width and depth
NAMSCA features

This chair has everything a person who works for long hours in front of a computer needs.

  • It is ergonomic
  • It has a recline feature
  • A footrest

Hbada offers a series of office chairs and the recliner chair is one of those chairs.. :

This chair is especially for those looking for an office chair to work for long hours in front of a computer a feature to stretch logs and recline. These features make it super beneficial and a must-buy for offices.

Weight limit:

The weight support is of 300 pounds (136.36 kg)  

If you are a user looking for a chair for heavy daily, use then keep reading. This chair comes with features that will highly attract you.

  • Highly well-implemented lumbar support
  • A waterfall edge style seat for leg and thigh ergonomic support
  • An adjustable (and removable) headrest for highly adjustable head and neck support
  • A shifting armrest: The armrest with sift backwards as you recline.

The recline:

Everyone needs a break of 3-6 minutes just to change position. It so good that this chair comes with a feature of reline. The chair reclines to 155 degrees (Remember, 180 degrees is parallel to the ground)

The Footrest:

Moreover, you can extend your feet after thirty minutes.

The feet don’t exert that much pressure as the trunk so Hbada doesn’t put many cushions on the footrest as in the seat.

The frame:

You may think that this chair is lighter to be a good recliner chair! Or will this chair be a Is it a good reliner chair considering its lightweight?

Answer: Its frame is made of solid steel and is extremely durable

The Headrest:

The chair is a perfect ergonomic office chair. It provide full lumber support, a slightly lowered tilted seat to reduce strain on your legs.

The high back and the adjustable headrest provides full support to your spine and neck.


The only available color is black. The black color looks good in every room.

  • Valuable features not present in many other office chairs.
  • Adjustable headrest.
  • Built-in footrest
  • Strong steel frame
  • Ergonomic recliner
  • Breathable mesh.
  • Armrest can slide as you recline.
  • Mute and floor protecting wheels.
  • Adjustable height
  • Available in one color only.
  • Assembling can be an adventure especially if you don’t have an extra pair of hands

This model is a good choice and becomes a must try for those looking for a descent, yet stylish and sturdy reclining chair.

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Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Computer Chair

Does this chair meet the NAMSCA features of a good chair?

Neck support‼
Adjustable Lumbar Support
Swivel and Casters
Comfortable sitting floor.
Adjustable Armrests
Sufficient width and depth
NAMSCA features

If your requirement is an office chair that isn’t simply ergonomic, yet in addition sturdy, comfortable and exquisite, you should go for this one.

It offers a variety of features alongside a tilt limiting system.

The chair has been created after around 20 years of research on the study of sitting.

I didn’t read this about most chairs in the market

Pellicle elastomeric suspension backrest and seat

The chair comes with 8-zone Pellicle elastomeric suspension backrest and sea. The objective is to offers eight latitudinal zones of various levels of pressure to assist you with sitting. In addition, to convey ergonomic comfort

Spine Support Technology:

The chair incorporates PostureFit SL backrest Technology, which supports the spine and assists with saving the natural forward tilt of the pelvis..


it is accessible in 3 distinct sizes, i.e., A, B, and C, to guarantee that it can consistently fit each body type and convey a similar degree of solace regardless of body type and size.

The most noteworthy size C is intended to oblige clients with the most monstrous body weight.

Generated heat from long sitting

It permits the heat created via seating for quite a while to go through and in this manner keep up an agreeable temperature around the back and seating areas.

The Recline

The seat can move and tilt consistently. So moving your stance from forward to leaning back and the other way around is smooth and adjusted all through the scope of leaning back edges.

So, regardless of whether you are doing a focused desk job with an exceptional forward stance or hoping to get into a loose and pondering reclining position, have confidence the seat can oblige you in each stance.

  • Tilt limiter helps to prevent toppling.
  • Offers 12 year, 3 shift warranty.
  • A bit expensive

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Choose the product according to your need. The Ergohuman Office Chair is our pick as this chair is one of the best chairs for an average person to buy.


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