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5 wired mouse for laptop you’d die to buy

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Despite the tremendous improvement of wireless technology for the past few years, many people still prefer a reliable wired connection. A mouse is a must-have accessory for every laptop. Especially when the motive is to play games. Therefore, when given an option, they go for a wired mouse for laptop devices.

The pros and cons of a wired or wireless mouse are a matter of another article. The Life Wire discussed this subject in detail.

Wired mice are usually faster. Moreover, you can play or browse for countless hours without thinking about charging your device. Contrary to these benefits, you have to manage wires in those,

After reading about mice, I conclude that when shopping for a wired mouse, for PC or for Laptop, consider comfort and how good the cable is along with performance, and ergonomics.

Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming MouseRazer Basilisk v2Glorious Model OCorsair Scimitar Pro RGBSteelSeries Rival 710 Gaming Mouse
Weight (gm)122.5181.467121.9348.7
Available Colors2
(Classic Black, white)
(Black, Yellow)
Side-DisplayYes – OLED

1 – Razor DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse

One of the best mice the NPD, USA, has to offer. This mouse has a sensor of 6,400 DPI.

Starta proper gaming with the Razer Deathadder Essential. The mouse enables great control with being fast and precise swipes.

Its ergonomic form allows for extended hours of gaming. In addition, the mouse features:

5 Hyperesponse buttons with up to 10 million clicks durability.

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2 – Razer Basilisk v2

the Razer Basilisk V2 has a more ergonomic design than many mice.

Design: If you want a mouse with a simpler design, go for the DeathAdder V2, but if you want something a little more ergonomically shaped, get the Basilisk V2.

It feels amazingly well-built, and it has 13 programmable inputs that can be customized through the Razer Synapse 3 software. Also, this mouse can be used with any grip type for almost all hand sizes, although smaller hands might have a harder time reaching all the buttons. You can also check out the Logitech G502 HERO, which has a similar overall design and shape.

Although its CPI error is slightly higher than the Razer DeathAdder V2, it performs nearly identical and should feel more comfortable for long gaming sessions, thanks to its thumb rest and slanted shape.

  • comfortable feel,
  • 13 programmable input,
  • Slightly higher CPI error

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3 – Glorious Model O (Ultra-light Mouse)

In this list, the glorious Model O is the best wired-mouse for ultra-light gaming.

Weight: The mouse’s design allows for multiple grip types. The mouse one of the lightest on the list.

Performance: Anyone would definitely call its performance ‘excellent’. Thanks to a wide customizable CPI range and low click latency.

It grants a lot of customization options,

  • including CPI and
  • polling rate adjustments.

Buttons: A total of six buttons, all of which can be customized in the companion software as per your liking.

It’s a fairly large mouse. Check out Glorious Model O Minus, a smaller version of this mouse for smaller hands.

Due to its weight & wired design, you may not like it for traveling, it’s a great one for gaming and browsing from the comfort of your home.

  • Highly customizable
  • Fairly large mouse. People with smaller hands (like kids) may struggle to comfortably reach all the buttons.
  • Not for traveling.

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4 – Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB

The 12-button panel on this large mouse’s left side.can be moved forward or backward. This movement allows a more comfortable and ergonomic fit.

Thanks to its aluminum frame and solid plastic, its looks are pretty decent with no wobbling or looseness.

Grip: With a claw grip, the mouse is suitable for all hand sizes. except for those with extra-large hands.

Thanks to its design, it has a very low click latency, and its sensor performance is outstanding.

Corsair’s companion software:

With the software you can do following things:

  • Set the CPI from 100 to 16,000 with an increment of 1, which is superb.
  • Set its lift-off distance and
  • Reprogram all 17 of the mouse’s buttons to a wide variety of options.

That being said, if you play a lot of MMO games, the customization features, adjustable button panel, and excellent build quality make this the best MMO mouse we’ve tested.


The wire retains kinks from the packaging. This could get annoying.
incremented mouse wheel lacks any type of horizontal scrolling.

    • The wire retains kinks from the packaging. This could get annoying.
    • incremented mouse wheel lacks any type of horizontal scrolling.

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    5 – SteelSeries Rival 710 Gaming Mouse

    This gaming mouse is for your laptop as it provides every modern gaming feature anyone can ask for.

    It’s easily argued that the Steelseries Rival 710 does more than many do. But it doesn’t. Indeed, this gaming mouse does almost everything.

    The accurate sensor: This mouse uses the TrueMove3 sensor which is one of the best we’ve ever tested. Its sensitivity is absolute overkill. The sensor is extremely accurate. Moreover, it offers minutely adjustable DPI steps that can be switched to on the fly.

    The display: Along with in-mouse motors that provide haptic feedback, the display can give you notifications on when you’re ready to fire, or when you’re low on health.

    Durability: The mechanical switches last up to 60 million clicks. In other words, this mouse is going to be with you for years to come. Users can also program the switches with Steelseries’ software suite,

    Rival 710 modular: Steelseries also made the Rival 710 modular. Users can swap out the sensor, the cable to mouse appearance and performance preferences, but also to upgrade it when needed.

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