unsafe mineral water brands in pakistan

13 Officially Declared Unsafe Water Brands You’d Been Drinking!

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The low drinking water quality has constrained an extensive cross-section of people to purchase bottled water. That poor quality of water makes those brands unsafe for use. As a consequence of the growing want for bottled water & expanding market, a mushroom development of bottled water industry in the nation is seen during the most recent couple of years.

Those brands had been money without considering whether they offered safe or unsafe water to the public. Nonetheless, a considerable lot of the mineral and bottled water companies were discovered selling unsafe & contaminated water.


The Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR), the government body for maintaining water quality in the country

issues four reports every year. The PCRWR quality reports cover the mineral contents in bottled water and useful & unsafe bottled water brands in Pakistan.

We dig deep into & explain whether the bottled water brands are harmful to your health. But before that, we tell you about the high and low-quality water and why those should matter.

In its report for the first quarter this year, PCRWR proclaimed eight brands of bottled water unsafe for drinking because of concoction and microbiological contaminations.


what is bottled water quality


Bottled-water quality

How is a bottled water brand unsafe for use? Qualities of safe and unsafe water.

Water quality is estimated by a few components, for example, microscopic organisms levels, the convergence of broke up oxygen, the measure of salt (or saltiness), or the measure of material suspended in the water (turbidity).

In a few waterways, the amounts of pesticides and convergence of minute green growth (fungi), substantial metals, herbicides, and different contaminants may likewise be estimated to decide water quality.

Albeit logical estimations are utilized to characterize water quality, it’s anything but a basic thing to state “that water is good” or “that water is bad.”

Why Water quality is important?

Quality drinking water is critical to our wellbeing and prosperity.

Water quality is essential for good waterway wellbeing. Water quality maintains environmental procedures that help local fish populaces, vegetation, wetlands, and birdlife.

poor bottled water quality issues
poor bottled water quality issues

So also, our very own large number users rely upon water quality that is appropriate for a water system, watering stock, and drinking, and to meet social and otherworldly needs.

Water quality is overseen and evaluated as far as pointers for levels of microorganisms and the assets beneath are expected to aid this respect. Stream targets are the ‘perfect’ regular stream conditions that will enhance waterway wellbeing and water quality.

Low Water quality:

In order to stay healthy, one must refrain from the low-quality water. We now tell you what contaminates water. Low water quality can represent a wellbeing hazard for individuals. The water of bad quality can likewise represent a wellbeing hazard for biological communities.

Water is a whiz dissolvable that breaks down all that it contacts. As water passes through the earth to the water tables beneath, it “carries” with it substances, for example:

  • Bacteria
  • Chemicals
  • Lead from Pipe Solder
  • Hard Minerals
  • Waste Water
  • Herbicides
  • Fertilizers
  • Pesticides
  • Detergents
  • Animal Waste
  • Air Pollution
  • Limestone and Arsenic

And more…

Unsafe bottled water brands in Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan through the Ministry of Science and Technology has assigned the undertaking to PCRWR for quarterly monitoring of bottled/mineral water brands and promote the outcomes. It is important to continuously monitor the brands to enhance the nature of bottled water,

First Quarter:

The report from Jan-Mar 2018 showed 8 mineral water brands were unsafe for use.

Microbiologically Unsafe brands:

The unsafe bottled water brands were:

  1. Pure 18,
  2. Aqua Fine,
  3. Livon,
  4. Aqua Gold,
  5. Aab-e-Noor.
  6. Pure Aqua,
  7. Zam, and
  8. Edlen Premium

Chemically unsafe Brands:

Chemically unsafe bottled-water brands in report by PCRWR
Chemically unsafe bottled-water brands in the report by PCRWR

The regulatory body shortlisted five brands to have chemical concerns. Aqua Fine a Lahore based brand, was found very high in Arsenic. The tolerable limit for arsenic is 10 parts per billion (ppb), Aqua Fine scored 20 in the scale.

Three brands: Edlen premiere, Pure Aqua, and Liven were high in Sodium. The standard limit for sodium in a brand is 50 parts per million (ppm), but the three brands ranked 60, 57, and 58 respectively.


water bottle brands summary second quarter 2018
water bottle brands summary second quarter 2018

In its report for the second quarter – from Apr to June – PCRWR shortened the list to five brands,

Microbiologically Unsafe brands:

unsafe bottled-water brands in second quarter report by PCRWR
unsafe bottled-water brands in the second quarter report by PCRWR

The PCRWR collected 85 samples of different brands from all over Pakistan. Majority of those were safe for drinking but only 5 were found to be microbiologically unsafe.


  1. Gourmet,
  2. Aqua Super Life,
  3. SHIRAZ,
  4. Aqua Splash, and
  5. MARINA.

Chemically unsafe bottled water brands:

PCRWR did not find any brand with harmful chemical contaminant or presence of any substance exceeding the standard amount. There was nothing wrong in the chemical composition of any brand but those had microbiological substances.

Microbiologically worse and bad brands:

In the second quarter, the PCRWR didn’t find any brand which was chemically unsafe for consumption; however, the body did find few brands with microbiological contaminants. A few of those brands ranked very high on the scale.

Aqua Splash 14
Aqua Super Life, 6
Gourmet 5

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