10 easy ways to deal with stress in MS at home

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Stress is something which comes to meet you like an unwelcomed guest.

You couldn’t find somebody who can claim to have never experienced stress, right? Although you can maintain distance from circumstances which cause it, you can’t totally toss it out from your life.

Stress makes living with a chronic disease very difficult, isn’t it?


In the event that you have a lifelong disease like Multiple Sclerosis (MS), stress management turns into a need. The only way left to deal with stress is to manage it (because you can lower its ‘run rate’ but, as of now, you can’t send it back to pavilion).

It is useful to know the warning signs which flag it. In this article, we’ll describe 13 easy ways to deal with stress at home. You won’t have to buy costly medicine nor spend thousands on medical visits. Deal with pressure in your head at home.

Alongside this, we will exhort some simple approaches to monitor negative feelings. The tips will enable you to manage stress and living with MS easy.

Deal with Stress and anxiety as they worsen MS

Multiple Sclerosis brings uncertainty, and this doubt (about future) invites fear… of the obscure, Fear of what might come next. This suspicion is named as anxiety.

Stress and anxiety have the propensity to intensify the disease: MS. The patient must manage both of these emotions. This makes dealing with it so important.

Stress is also, very likely, going to cause fatigue which will adversely influence the person’s life. If you want to know how to manage fatigue, no problem! We have an article on it…

In The Research:

Stress can affect the course of the disease. Studies on the effect of stress on MS show that stress is one of the common triggers of MS flare-ups. For instance, in a study conducted in Australia, researchers found that the chances of a relapse increase with the number of acute stressors. They likewise found (as anyone might expect) that individuals who were having a relapse had more stress



Stress can also cause confusion, depression, a very common MS symptom, and insomnia. It is fundamental for individuals with MS to have great rest. An absence of it is another trigger of MS symptoms.

Warning signs of Stress:

Stress gives a few warning signs when stress is coming to meet you. Those signs may by physical and/or emotional.

Physical signs

  • Fatigue,
  • Stooped posture,
  • Sweaty palms, and
  • Weight gain as since the patient either starts to eat too much or quit doing as such.

Emotional Signs:

  • Quickly get angry and irritable,
  • Feel stressed and worried,
  • Have mood swings, and
  • Become sad,

Dealing with Stress:

Before stress strikes, you’d need to lessen it intensity.  Just follow the following steps and get prepared to face stress.

Medical treatment is a considerable option in research, but we don’t ask you to see any doctor, sit at home, relax and get ready to deal with stress.

Before Stress Hits in:


It is so incredible to stay away from circumstances and individuals which cause stress. In spite of the fact that it isn’t possible to totally stay away from each negative event and individual, particularly if that somebody is one of your friends or loved-one.

Do as such to the most extreme degree possible…

Remember the 5 words: Avoid what/who give(s) you stress

When Stressed:

Deep Breathing:

It is the most ideal approach to bring more oxygen into your brain and to bring down stress. The best thing about deep breathing is that it is accessible for free for everybody with no constraint.

When you are stressed, you start shallow breathing. Therefore, your brain gets less oxygen. Deep breathing gives more oxygen to your brain and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system.

How to do:

When you believe you are stressed out, practice this activity 20 to 30 minutes consistently:

  • Inhale through your nose,
  • Breathe deeply from the diaphragm: Your stomach expands more than your chest,
  • Exhale through your mouth.
  • Do not think anything and empty your head for a few minutes. Just focus on your breathing.

Relax your muscles:

Roll your shoulders forward and in backward 5 to 10 times. Relax every single muscle of your body.

Turn your head gradually two times in clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

Likewise, change your lifestyle and pursue these tips:

Some other tips:

  • Delegate some tasks if there are too many of them.
  • If you didn’t meet each and every goal you had set, it is okay! Don’t push too hard.
  • An MS patient must put himself or herself first. So, learn to say ‘no.
  • Do not set unrealistic standards and difficult goals you can’t reach. You are not a super-human!
  • Take good care of your diet, exercise, and sleep.
  • Don’t watch soap operas, tragedy shows, tragedy films and news. The media spreads sensations, spreading negative depressing news and stimulate emotions in masses.

Take deep breath & relax your muscles

Get social support

Having someone to discuss your problems is very important in life and necessary to deal with stress. Keep close ties with those you can rely upon. Share your worries with someone you trust. You feel relieved after that.

Tell them how important they are for you and that they are a major part of your life. When you feel better, try to thank them. Because they were the one who were there to listen to you and wipe your tears

Final Words:

Manage stress to make living with Multiple Sclerosis healthy and easier. It is your need now.

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