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Want to Hit Big Sixes? Understand the Physics

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To hit Big Sixes, you don’t have to just hit with power and hit as high as possible!

Laws of physics govern and dictate the shot and decide the score you should get.

What to do to hit Big Sixes!


You have to understand the physics working behind a shot. The ball travels on a parabolic path and follows a projectile motion. To understand the working, you must understand a projectile motion.

If the shot is hit with power, the ball covers maximum height.

If the shot is hit at 45-degree angle, the ball covers maximum distance.

This simply means that if you want the shot to go up high in the sky, hit with power. And, to hit long sixes, you have to strike the all at 45-degree angle.

How to get Power:

Analyze the common trait in big hitters like Chris Gayle (West Indies), Shahid Afridi (Pakistan), M.S.Dhoni (India) and some others. They all have strong wrists. You gotta have strong wrists! Your wrist should be strong enough to resist the pressure of a ball coming at speed of more than 90mph. There is no bowler as fast as Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistan) and Brett Lee (Australia). But you can expect a bowler a bowler who bowls at 95+mph.

You can do exercises to strengthen your wrists.

How to maintain a good angle?

Practice, practice and practice! This is the only anser anyone can give you.

The complete process is discussed in the video below:

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