35 Most needed safety tips for MS patients

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Wounds are a regular happening for MS Patients. Those are part of life for certain patients, and a hit with an item is normal for the vast majority of them.

MS patients do not have high bone density; their bones and their weak bones can easily break. They need safety at work and at home. In this article, we will give you some safety tips to stay secure at home and at work.

Multiple Sclerosis can change the manner in which you live at home and perform work in the office. You should guarantee home safety or get ready for wounds, and we can’t ensure the size of any injury or damage making your life more difficult.

Here are some safety tips you should follow for secure and easy living.

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If you don’t want any injury then make some easy tweaks in the house and turn your house into an MS friendly house.

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What's in this article...

Discuss with your doctor:

First converse with your specialist to advise any hardware changes to make. You’ll be offered guidance dependent on the level of your disease and symptoms. He/She may ask you to add following gadgets to make your life simpler:

  • Sliding boards,
  • Grab bars,
  • Electric beds or sleeping mattresses.
  • Wheelchairs,

You should make your home a sheltered place to live. Remember that you have a constrained store of energy. Whatever you do, ensure that you don’t lose your parity and fall. Because it’s easy to lose balance, fall and get injured.

Ensuring safety AT HOME:

Doing household work:

  • MS patients need space to walk with ease; therefore, remove mess and any furniture you do not need in the house.
  • In the event that you get up at night, keep a bulb on to effectively see  your direction.
  • Most medical//drug stores and retail chains have magnifying glasses of different powers.
  • Many MS patients develop vision problems; therefore, while working on PC, use high fonts and lower possible screen resolution.

Changing clothes:

  • While changing your clothes, sit in a seat that has arm rests. So that, you can grab the arm rests and sit. This is helpful to maintain balance and avoid any fall.
  • Always wear clothes which open from front, not from the back or those pulled over.
  • Use Velcro closures and wear clothes with enormous catches.
  • Wear loose-fitted and light-colored clothes. Dark colors absorb more light and heat, light-colored clothes are thus cooler. Loose-fitted clothes let air pass and keep you cool.

Using Bathroom/restroom

in the restroom/toilet:                                 

  • Use a raised seat to make it simpler to sit and stand.
  • Do not utilize towel racks or restroom tissue holders to enable you to stand. They’re not durable enough.
  • Don’t attempt to pull yourself by putting weight on the divider with your hand. You may slip.
  • Don’t utilize dangerous slippery tiles on floors in the restroom.

While Bathing:

  • You can’t afford to fall in the bathtub so, Install grab bars inside there or near shower.
  • Use pull-up faucets rather than those that are turned to open.
  • Put a nonskid mat in the bath.
  • Always wear bathroom slippers, especially, when the floor is slippery..
  • Use soap dispenser in place of a bar soap.
  • If you are vulnerable to heat, avoid hot water for bathing
  • Place a mat on the floor outside the tub to dry your feet so you don’t slip.
  • Install grab bars close to the toilet seat and bath.
  • Never use towel racks for help — they can’t hold an individual’s weight. They could snap out & cause you to fall.

In the Kitchen

  • When cooking, use a tall stool to sit.
  • Gather at one place all that you’ll require. So that you don’t have to spend your time and effort to search those.

While Walking:

  • Streets in Pakistan are uneven, in the event that you have frail legs, walk on floor which is leveled with care.
  • If in need, use a folding wheelchair, cane or stick.
  • MS patients have difficulty with balance, so don’t wear shoes with high heels.
laptop office desk


  • If you use a motorcycle to reach the office, make transform that vehicle into a tri-bike (a three-wheel bike) or one with two side wheels.
  • Stay at a mile’s distance from office politics and don’t even participate in any gossip.
  • Keep yourself away from office stress – stress leads to a flare (attack) in MS.
  • Always go to the restroom before a presentation or a meeting..
  • Talk to your manager about your sickness.

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