Exercise is the best Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

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A great many people in this world are not big devotees of doing exercise. The advantages of physical activity don’t convey much an incentive to them and they don’t see the damage in maintaining any distance from it.

Besides this, they don’t think of it as a fundamental part of health and wellness. Constant illnesses persuade them to only to move two or three muscles, few indulge in any physical activity with eagerness and responsibility.


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This is true for the general people of the world, and especially true for people of Pakistan!

Exercise is vital for every person; however, it is essential for patients with Multiple Sclerosis. MS and exercise are two constants in patients’ lives.

Why Exercise is best Multiple Sclerosis Treatment?

Exercise is your the first ‘pill’ in Multiple Sclerosis Treatment.

The reasons for doing exercise in MS is simple and straightforward. You must stay active because if you don’t MS will take control of your body which, of course, you don’t want.

You must know why it is important to exercise for MS patients.

The benefits exercise bring prove my point.

You will read what may happen If MS patients don’t make exercise a part of their daily routine? We will also describe a few safety measures you should take before doing any exercise for MS.

What if MS Patients don’t exercise?

An apathetic (lazy) person’s most loved activity is to not do anything, not even in imagination.

MS and exercise are complimentary part of every person with the disease. An MS patient can excuse that he/she doesn’t do any exercise for MS due to various obstacles which come in his/her way when he/she considers following an activity program.

Those problems – no one can claim them to be false, though – include:

  • fatigue,
  • heat intolerance,
  • weakness,
  • dizziness and
  • Problems MS patients feel after doing any exercise..

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Yet the question remains unanswered, what if MS patients don’t exercise?

Consider a scenario in which MS patients don’t work out. Not doing activity will prompt deconditioning which, after some time, decreases a person’s functional abilities. The outcome is that the illness gradually gets worse and worse.

if you don’t exercise, MS will take control
of your body

MS patients need to pick their activity program with care and wisdom; a program which is designed according to the symptoms.

Advantages of Exercise for Multiple Sclerosis Patients:

The role of exercise in Multiple Sclerosis was not well-known a couple of years back. In any case, numerous examinations today underline the way that activity is advantageous.

A research by White and Dressendorfer, in 2004, stressed that a physically dynamic way of life can diminish the advancement of MS. In addition, exercise isn’t found to negatively affect the seriousness or level of the disease.

Another study demonstrated that patients who were physically fit had less harm in parts of the brain which were damaged because of MS.

“We found that aerobic fitness has a protective effect on parts of the brain that are most affected by multiple sclerosis,”

said Ruchika Shaurya Prakash, lead author of the study and assistant professor of psychology at Ohio State University.

Exercise is observed to be useful in:

  • Decreasing relapse rate,
  • Enhancing execution on neurological tests,
  • enhancing quality,
  • Bringing down lesion volume,
  • Protecting mobility,
  • Abating movement of the infection,
  • Enhancing muscular spasm,
  • Enhancing balance and coordination,
  • Lessening fatigue,
  • Enhancing cardiovascular wellness, and
  • Changing bladder and bowel function.

Safety Measures to Adopt:

Given the disease & your body condition, adopt these measures for the safe routine:

  • Try not to lift heavy weights, you may harm yourself.
  • Avoid slippery floors and poor lighting.
  • Pick a movement you appreciate, and easily do. It might be an exercise like Tai Chi, yoga or some other.
  • Stop whenever you start to hurt or you feel wiped out.
  • Don’t indulge in the heavy workout routine. Heavy workouts may overheat your body. MS patients are sensitive to heat.

What Should Patients Do If Get Overheated?

  • Many MS patients develop sensitivity from heat. Exercising for long welcomes issues for them. In the event that you are one of those, follow these tips:
  • Abstain from practicing during the hot hours of the day (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.).
  • Drink a lot of cool water. You have to keep yourself hydrated while working out.
  • Wear light garments when you exercise.
  • On the off chance that you see any side effects you didn’t have before you began working out, back off or stop until you cool down.

Get Help:

An experienced physiotherapist will help you.

There are many in Pakistan or in your city.

He or She will assess your strengths and weaknesses and will know your limitation before devising a program.

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