Meray Paas Tum Ho: Epic drama with 5 superb marketing tactics

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UPDATE: I admired ARY’s marketing campaign; I still stand somehwat firm on my view. It was good, but the marketing in the last episode was what many say ‘deceptive’.

ARY kept on promoting the last episode as ‘double episode’. Technically it should be 120 min:


casual business shoes

75-80 minutes drama 40-45 min ads.

but, in reality:

They showed 38 minutes of just one episode, 30 recap of 22 episodes. And 40 minutes advertisement.

It was a self-sabotaging move by ARY Digital, only for this very reason!

Pakistani drama Meray paas Tum Ho shows brilliant marketing strategy and marketing tactics. This clearly advocates that good content, powerful script, and memorable acting are not enough to make a drama an epic; It needs effective and creative marketing strategy too. Here are five  of its awesome marketing strategies.

Pakistani dramas are known to inspire people and create legends.

The industry saw a period of downfall beginning in the late 1990s. There were few dramas good enough to capture viewer attention and leave their mark.

Things turned and Pakistani drams begin to amaze the audience and capture their attention in the 2010s.

And now things go to a new level.

Pakistani drama industry, in late 2019, aired an epic play: Mere Paas Tum Ho A drama which proved to be more famous and captured more fame than the hit ‘Game of Thrones’ (IMDB).

The writer, Khaleel-ur-Rehman Qamar, realizes that he has created unforgettable characters and the director, Nadeem Baig, comprehends that he has taken work from people full of talents.

Pre-launch shows of MPTH:

ARY Digital introduced the drama with an interview with its cast. They introduced MPTH before their target audience in its morning show. Re

The drama was targetting the same age group. Although, it got massive popularity from male viewers as well.


Their target was to create awareness among the target audience.

Note that the host of GMP,, Nida Yasir, is a renowned actress herself and the wife of another famous actor, Yasir Nawaz.

The target audience of those shows is 15+-year-old females, especially those who are between 15-55 ages.

First delivery, right on target…

Powerful dialogues

MPTH’s dialogues are the cornerstones of this drama and its success. This drama’s fame rests on one thing and that is its dialogues. You can argue that the plot is also good. I say that even if a drama’s plot is weak, a powerful script makes it memorable.

Use in everyday speech

One of its dialogues ‘Do takay ki aurat’ (worthless woman) became a smashing popular on twitter and in everyday living. People used different variants of this dialogue in their day-to-day conversations.

In the video below Atif Aslam, a singer famous in Pakistan and India, uses the famous Do Takkay ka… dialogue while in the waiting area in an airport.

Use of subtitles and Tweets

Many YouTube experts emphasize the use of subtitles in videos.

The reason is simple. Viewers from all over the world, from different nationalities, speaking different languages view vidoes. And a viewer who doesn’t understand your language may (very possibly) watch a video.

Every episode of this drama is available with English subtitles. If you cannot understand Urdu or its Indian version Hindi, no problem. You can watch every episode with English subtitles!

They want to obsess (attract) viewers of countries other than Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh; those who can understand Urdu or Hindi.

This is a wonderful tactic by them.


Twitter has become a powerful website. A website which laid massive impacts on politics, business, and show-business.

Pakistani media is also utilizing the power of Twitter to invoke curiosity and to increase its viewership.

Certain hashtags had been trending and used on Twitter for examplw:

Interviews and Sensations:

Their cast has been giving interviews and spreading fake scares among people.

The latest is their announcement to not upload the #lastepisode of #MPTH on YouTube.

SAMAA TV reports that ARY Digital’s PR, in this regard, said that:

the episode might be uploaded on YouTube later on.

PR, ARY Digital

They had been creating fake scares and news about not uploading an episode on YouTube earlier. But they uploaded later on. They will do the same now.

Special episodes

On January 18, 2020, ARY Digital aired a special episode of MPTH instead of the regular episode of the drama. This was a brilliant move by the production and the channel.

  • The special episode created hype and increased curiosity about the season finale.
  • They gave a chance to the people of asking questions to the cast.
  • They only about few bloggers to ask questions. One reason is they have influence and will write about their experiences and opinions.

All-Pakistan cinema launch

Meray Paas Tum Ho became the second drama in Pakistani Media’s History to be aired on cinemas. Which was the fist one, you ask?

Pyare Afzal.

ARY Digital will stream the episode in cinemas as well as on TV. Remember, Pyare Afzal was also broadcasted by ARY Digital.

MPTH in high-court.

According to Dawn,, Civil judge Naila Ayub issued a notice to PEMRA, Nadeem Baig and Humayun Saeed. The notice was issued to respond and set a hearing by Friday,, January 24.

The story of said Drama is based on humiliation against respectable women community as well as it creates huge discrimination between male and female gender in the society,

further adding:

The very fact is that it has created such hype and uproar in the society that probably becomes the first drama that is scheduled to go on air on big screens of cinema houses on 25 of January 2020. It is enough to prove that the Drama aims are creating restlessness in the civil society and puts its peace at stake,

petition against meray paas tum ho
Copy of petition against meray paas tum ho

I personally feel that it is another marketing stunt by ARY Digital.

Pakistani Justice history is full of stories of fake petitions. And we can expect this from ARY Digital. They had been making fake news and hypes.

If this is so then it’s a very risky move by them.

What if the court decides in favor of the petitioner and bans showing of MPTH in cinemas?

Last Words

The production and ARY have shown brilliant marketing, and risky too. What will happen in Sindh High Court? 

Only time will tell.

We will update this post once the decision comes.

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    1. I’m happy to read that you feel more stronger. MS Patients are stronger than those who are ‘okay’. Thank you so much for giving me the link. I’ll tell about this to a patient I know.

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