kill cancer with just one fruit

Health benefits of lemon. Does it really ‘Kill’ Cancer Naturally??

The internet is full of hoaxes…

One has to double check every information here…

Here’s one piece of information who will found eye opening and hope-giving……..but read this post to the end before thinking that you scream eureka! ‘I have found a cure for cancer!’.

So read carefully…it will be of so much value to you

You’ll have a new life; you’d want to meet me and thank me for writing all this.

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A Whatsapp Message

I recently received a message on WhatsApp. I checked its reliability and found that yes this fruit is reported to kill cancer! But how reliable is the fact that Prof. Chen Horn of China is behind this message?surprised

Anyway, lemon (in hot water) is known to kill cancer cells, and is reported so too. But, the South African Cancer Association believes otherwise

According to the whatsapp ‘special’ message Prof. Chen Horin, CEO of the Beijing Military Hospital, China.

“Pieces of lemon in a glass of hot water can save you for the rest of your life.”

Horin points out that anyone who has practiced this is at least guaranteed to save his/her life.

The South African Cancer Association does not believes so…according to them

No evidence could be found that lemons or molecules from lemons are able to cure cancer.

This activity will certainly benefit you and everybody you tell.

And remember to NOT ADD SUGAR.

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However, lemon is not free of any health benefit. There are some health benefits of Lemon which we mention below. 

Health benefits of Lemon

Support Heart Health

Lemons are high in heart-healthy vitamin C and several beneficial plant compounds that may lower cholesterol.

Lemons, like other citrus fruits, are high in nutrient C, One lemon provides about 31 mg of vitamin C, which is 51% of the reference daily intake (RDI). Research shows that eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke.

However, it’s not only the vitamin C that is thought to be good for your heart. The fiber and plant compounds in lemons could also significantly lower some risk factors for heart disease. For instance, one study revealed that eating 24 grams of citrus fiber extract daily for a month reduced total blood cholesterol levels.

Lowers cholesterol:

Plant compounds found in lemons — namely hesperidin and disomic — have also been found to lower cholesterol.

For example, one examination uncovered that eating 24 grams of citrus fiber remove day by day for a month diminished absolute blood cholesterol

Help Control Weight

Lemons are regularly advanced as a weight loss fruit, and there are a couple of theories with respect to why this is. Animal studies show that lemon extract and plant compounds may promote weight loss, but the effects in humans are unknown.

There are several theories presented on this topic.

  • A theory recommends that drinking boiling water with lemon will enable you to get in shape.
    Notwithstanding, drinking water is known to incidentally increase the quantity of calories you consume, so it might be simply the water that is assisting with weight reduction.
  • Some other theories propose that the plant coupons in lemons may help weight reduction.

Research demonstrates that plant mixes in lemon concentrates may help anticipate or decrease weight gain in various ways.

In one examination, mice on a stuffing diet were given lemon polyphenols separated from the strip. They put on less weight and muscle versus fat than other mice.

Be that as it may, no investigations affirm the weight reduction impacts of lemon mixes in people.

Protects against anemia:

Lemons contain vitamin C and citrus acid, which retains non-heme iron from plants. This may prevent anemia which is quite common. It happens when you don’t get enough iron from the foods you eat.

Lemons contain some iron, yet they fundamentally prevents anemia by improving your ingestion of iron from plant foods.

Your gut absorbs iron from meat, chicken and fish (known as heme iron). While iron from plant sources (non-heme iron) which is not that easy. The absorption, however, can be improved by taking citric acid and nutrient C (or lemon).

Prevent kidney stones

Lemon juice may help prevent kidney stones. However, more quality research is needed.

Kidney stones are small lumps that form when waste products crystallize and build up in your kidneys.

Some studies found that lemonade effectively prevented kidney stones, but the results have been mixed. Other studies have shown no effect. Therefore, more well-conducted studies need to examine whether lemon juice affects kidney stone formation.

Improve Digestive Health

Lemons are comprised of about 10% carbs, for the most part as dissolvable fiber and simple sugars. The dissolvable fiber in lemons could help improve stomach related wellbeing. It’s advisable to eat the pulp of the lemon, not simply the juice.

The fundamental fiber in lemons is gelatin, a type of dissolvable fiber connected to various medical advantages.

Solvent fiber can improve gut wellbeing and moderate the absorption of sugars and starches. These impacts may bring about decreased glucose levels

Reduce Cancer risk:

Carefully, read the heading again! It states ‘reduce’ cancer ‘risk’. And the study quoted above states that no evidence is found that lemons cure cancer. My opinion is that they do reduce cancer risks.

Some observational studies have found that people who eat the most citrus fruit have a lower risk of cancer, while other studies have found no effects

Several studies have shown presence of significant compounds in lemon which work against cancer.

  • A few experts believe that plant compounds found in lemons – limonene and naringenin — could have anticancer impacts. But, this theory needs further examination.
  • Numerous compounds from lemons have also been found to kill cancer cells in test-tube studies. But, they might not have a similar impact on the human body.
  • Another investigation utilized pulp from mandarins that contained the plant mixes beta-cryptoxanthin and hesperidin, which are likewise found in lemons.
  • Studies, on animals, show that D-limonene, a compound found in lemon oil, has anticancer properties. The research found that these compounds prevented harmful tumors from creating in the tongues, lungs, and colons of rodents.

In any case, it ought to be noticed that the examination group used a high portion – definitely more than anyone use for eating oranges or lemons – of the chemicals.

Last Words:

Regardless of whether the news is credible lemon juice is reported to benefit the human body. So you read and pass this message to others!

Because humanity is as important as our own selves!


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