Learn how to master patience with this 3-Step Strategy

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Patience doesn’t come easily and without any effort, particularly in today’s world of steady, fast, and constant change. If you already are a patient being, that wonderful. If you want to know how to master patience in life, I have a 3-step strategy. for you

If your desire is to develop expertise in quality of patience, you do need to set up a plan to take the necessary steps. You need a constant and long-term strategy to develop and to master the skill.

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In this article,

You can apply our 3-step strategy into your life. The plan will help you with being persistent and accept accountability for your life.

3-Step Strategy on how to master Patience in life

3 step process infographics

Step 1: Understand What Triggers Your Feelings Of Impatience

Everybody has encountered the sentiment of fretfulness and temptation commonly throughout everyday life.

What is fretfulness, you wonder?

It a feeling contrary to patience. According to the word web dictionary,

  fretfulness (n.): “An irritable petulant feeling”

  syn: irritation, nervousness, stress, sleeplessness

  Temptation (n.): “Something that seduces or has the quality to seduce”

  syn: appeal, attractiveness, bait, fascination, provocation

For you to turn out to be patient (sabir), it is important that you understand what triggers the feeling of fretfulness in you.

How to deal with this:

  • Making yourself hold up before you respond,
  • When you feel eager, rehearse deep breathing.

Step 2: Quit Doing Unimportant Things

We can get effectively occupied when we are doing things that are not so significant.

One method for evacuating pressure is to quit doing things that make more worry for you.

Things to do:

Prioritizing is the basis of time management.

Take a gander at every one of the tasks you plan to do the next day and choose which are top needs for tomorrow and which tasks you can delay for a couple of days.

Step 3: Work on Changing Your Attitude

Patience is about the point of view or mindset at circumstances. It’s all about developing a positive mindset.

For example:

If you miss your transport or are running late for a meeting; a get-together with friends and trapped in a traffic jam, you have the decision about how you respond. Either yell at government or people and their reckless driving or wait with a composed self.

A patient individual will attempt to lessen the strain that possibly might develop impatience.

Having an increasingly eager point of view on life won’t work well for you. Eagerness will square you from living where you are in charge.

Things to do:

The attitude that you could utilize which will assist you with having an inspirational point of view are:

Perception. Try to step in front of the issue. Envision yourself confronting the issue and how you managed it.

Pick exercises that will assist you to release the pressure and strain you are feeling.

There are numerous exercises you can do, for example,

  • yoga,
  • strolling,
  • breathing activities, and so on.

When you are stuck in a traffic jam you can do deep-breathing (because you can’t do much then).


  • Inhale from mouth
  • Try to take a deep breath…fill your lower chest and stomach, then
  • Exhale from your mouth (not from nostrils).


Patience in your life will empower you to have more control over your life. Who wouldn’t have any desire to carry on with a thriving life where he/she is in control?

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