5 modern & sturdy home office desks with keyboard tray

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We are living in difficult times. The world is ‘closed’ and people have no other choice than to work from home. Thanks to the 100 nanometers tall virus.

Whether you own a home business or work outside & are just locked in the home, you need a good desk where you can put your files, computer or books.

When working from home, you need to invest in a solid wood computer desk with keyboard trays for your home office.


You now are the owner of a business and you need to invest in a desk.

But the question is…….which desk to spend money on? What are the features of a good desk for the home office?

Some people will not mind sitting on a sofa leaning forward on a laptop. Why worry about a special desk? Isn’t so?

Sounds logical but this approach will backfire in the long-run because it’s so not good for your back and hips to sit without a support and bear the pressure as the result of leaning forward.

People who make and invest in an ergonomic chair are not fools, are they? Leaning forward has negative effects on your shoulders and arms in the long run.

It is so important to sit on a supportive chair with some features in it to fully support your back.

You need a good chair and a good desk.

Okay, but why a special desk for a computer keyboard?

Do you wish to put the keyboard on your laps or anywhere at the monitor’s level? If yes, then you will hurt your wrist in the long-run. Such an approach will also slow down your writing.

Features of a good home office Desk:

Okay, I understand everything but how high and wide should a desk be?

When spending money on a table look for these features.

Table height:

The Minimum height (how tall is the desk) needs to be 30” or76.2cms

Adequate space to put thighs:

There has to be an area where you can put your legs and don’t have to lean forward.

wide enough:

The desktop needs to be long or wide enough to put a monitor as well as a file and a pen-holder at the same time

standard office desk dimensions

Unit Inches
height: 30
Depth 24
Length 48

My personal home office desk dimension:

These are the dimensions of the d4esk I personally use in my home office.

Unit Inches Centimeters
height: 28 71
Depth 19 48
Width 39.5 101

Comparison Table:

Name weight Width Depth Height Colors
Flash Furniture Glass Desk   39.2 23.5 29 1

OneSpace Stanton Computer Desk

28.6 30.5 22 29.5 1
Calico Designs  Arch tower desk 68 47.25 25 74 5
Walker Edison modern Glass 29 20 31 29 2

Z-Line Designs Z-Line Nero Desk and Bookcase

62.8 24 57.5 40 1

Z-Line Designs Z-Line Nero Desk

62.83 24 57.5 40 1

I’ve described the best desk with computer trays for your home office which will make your work easy and save space.

Flash Glass Computer Desk

This desk adds a beautiful modern looking furniture in your room. If you want a stylish, modern, space-saving desk then purchase this one.

You can compare that the desk is as wide (39.2″) as mine (39.5″) and I tell you that I have put a 19″ LCD monitor, a penholder, a 4 sq. inch box. A desktop case CPU is behind the monitor.

Interestingly the flash glass computer desk is very deep 23.5″) which as very impressive.

The good thing about this desk is it being resistible to scratches. It has a powder-coated finish enough against scratches.

Computer Tray

After using my current desk I firmly believe that Table-Tray Distance (Distance between the keyboard tray and table) must be more than 2″.

This desk offers a nice Table-Tray distance of 3.25″.

Table height – Tray Height

29 – 25.75 > 3.25 inches

  • Provides very good value for money.
  • Very sturdy and strongly built.
  • Deep desk (23.5″)
  • Provides good comfort.
  • Modern style
  • crisscross legs
  • computer tray.
  • Descent Table: Tray distance (3.25″)
  • Desk surface is made of glass which needs cleaning everyday. Be aware of the little ring a tea cup makes on glass surfaces.
  • Can survive a year but it’s not much durable.
  • A little difficult to assemble


OneSpace Stanton Computer Desk

If your requirement is a compact but elegant desk where you can place your laptop/monitor, printer, and files then the Stanton computer desk by One’Space is perfect for you. The desk is perfect for your home office or kids’ room.

The differentiation feature of this desk is its durability. The desk-board rests on a tubular steel frame. So, don’t worry about buying a new one every year or two.

The desk offers a pullout tray for the computer keyboard.

The desk comes with an additional surface to put anything: printer, files, a Tower CPU, an additional laptop, or anything conceivable.

  • Durable Desk
  • Highly comfortable and easy to assemble.
  • Sleek and elegant design,
  • Includes additional bottom storage,
  • Pullout computer keyboard tray.
  • Only 30.5 (2.5 feet) wide which is not adequate for a home office, This width, however, is adequate for computer use at home.

Calico Designs Arch Tower Corner

This desk is perfect for those who have limited space but many things to put on the desk. You can set up a small office in your room.

Look at the picture below; you’ll understand what I mean..

Did you see how compact it is and how many things you can put on this one desk?

it has:

  • 1 Lower Shelf of the pull-out keyboard tray:
  • 1 Slide Out Keyboard:
  • 2 Speakers Shelves,
  • 2 CD Storage with 5 Slots each, and
  • Floor Levelers for uneven surfaces

The easy to assemble and sturdy desk surfaces enough area to put a monitor, few files, and still, you have space to write anything

  • Highly ergonomi9c design,
  • Available in 5 color
  • Sturdy and easy-to-assemble,
  • A desk built for gamers,
  • The desk is durable,
  • Contains special compartments for CDs.
  • The high price is its negative feature

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Walker Edison Modern Metal and Glass 

Here’s another modern and sturdy desk for your home office. This table is robust but does not take much space. So its a very good addition to your home office.

This desk has a weight of just 29 pounds, The very first thought passes through minds after reading about it being so light-weight is “It must be weak”. Believe me, it’s not; This desk has an angular frame made of powder-coated steel which makes it a strong desk for your things.

  • You can drill wheels as the metal in it is strong.
  • This desk is extremely easy-to-assemble and compact.
  • Deep enough to put lot of stuff.
  • This chair is only 20-inches wide

Z-Line Designs Z-Line Nero Desk

This is an ideal desk to place anything. The desk doesn’t take much space and is sturdy.

Despite it being strong, the chair is easy-to-assemble.

Its safety glass is  8Mm.5Mm thick.

The desk comes with a wide pullout computer tray with space for a mouse.

The Z-line Nero Desk many look a little tall (40”) but it’s not too heavy. It’s only 62.8 lbs or 28.5 kg.

The desk and the shelves can hold a lot of weight. Here’s the distribution of each component:

ComponentWeight (lbs)
Top shelf60
Middle shelf60
Bottom Shelf84
Keyboard pullout:25

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