Where do bullets go! How Aerial Firing caused deaths after CT win

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Aerial Celebration are common practice in many countries of the world. After the victory of 183 runs against India at the Oval on 19 June, 2017, few people celebrated with aerial shooting.

The air was witness of their happiness. On the other hand, few families mourned over that act because the wandering bullets had given them suffering that will never heal.

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Where do bullets go?

Bullets travel on a parabolic path and follows a projectile motion. To understand the working, you must understand a projectile motion.

  • If a bullet is fired with a powerful gun, the bullet covers maximum height
  • If it is fired at 45-degree angle, it covers maximum distance.


But it will eventually come down at a speed which is enough for it to enter human skill.

Deaths and serious injuries are common results of air shooting. The ____________ reported such incident. People told their stories on the hospital’s facebook page.

The following short documentary will describe in more detail.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qUD65tm2PU[/embedyt]

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