benefits of reading books

Incredible benefits of reading books on brain.

Do you love or have ever loved reading, not Facebook posts, but real books? Reading books are important for a brain, because there are many benefits of reading….real books!

If you ask me this question, I would tell you how much I loved reading stories when I was a child. I would read any story book I got my hands on.

I used to purchase stories from my nearest book shop. It was not that much expensive, one story book was priced  PKR 2 (.6 US centers).

I would start a story or a magazine for children (in the 90s my favorite was a magazine for children named Naunehal (Urdu for ‘child’) an Urdu language magazine.

Naunehal was a children magazine published by hamdard laboratories. Its chief editor was the great Pakistani Herbalist late Hakim Muhammad Saeed.

I used to start an issue and read it until it was finished. Then I started waiting for next month’s issue.

Do you have any such tale to share…….the reader and I would love to know…Write in the comments below.

Modern approach:

People these days prefer reading posts on social media more than books. They are unaware of the benefits reading can bring to their brains.

Thomas Brain describes how vital is reading for your brain in a post.

Your body need exercise so does your brain……reading is its exercise

If you are one of those people then read to the end as we tell you why reading is vital for your brain’s health.

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