benefis of patience

3 powerful benefits of being patient

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Do you know the dictionary meaning of patience: Google says:

 “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.”


We all are aware of the importance and benefits of being patient in life.

I’ve been trying to show patience throughout my life. It has always been a challenging activity for me

Despite the fact, I understand that I generally get improved result when I deal with everything with patience.

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What's in this article...

Patience in the Quran

About patience (sabr), God Almighty says in His book, the Quran 08:46 (Surah al-Anfal)

Indeed God Almighty is with the patients.

The Quran, 08:46 (Surah al-Anfal)
The Quan, 08:46 (Surah al-Anfal)

Why be patient?

“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”

John Quincy Adams

Life does not always act like a cute 8-year-old girl all the time. It often scolds as a fifty-year-old mother of nasty kids.

Showing it is a simple act, you just have to be ‘patient’. But it difficult to apply in real life.

Patience brings:

  • serenity,
  • good faith,
  • Hope and
  • Certainty to your life.

After reading this post you will totally understand for what reason showing patience is beneficial for you, and how to better control your life.

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Persistence is an incredible method to practice discretion and self-control. The moment you show patience, you are bound to assume responsibility for your successes and failures.

3 powerful benefits of being patient
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Don’t pray for Sabr:

Patience (Sabr) is a gift & a blessing from the Almighty. There are many benefits of patience. Best of those is that the Almighty loves those who have patience.

However, please don’t ask the Almighty for sabr. Instead, ask Almighty for His wellbeing. Try to be patient but don’t pray for it, why?

PROOF: The Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) overheard a man asking for patience, so The Prophet (may peace be upon him) said to him,

“You have asked Allah for a trial [to be patient in], rather ask for wellbeing.” [Tirmidhi 3527])

Benefits of Being Patient:

Here are three key advantages that you can bring to your life by just being patient:

Patience, Mufti Menk (English)

Better Decision Making

You will become better at making decisions only by being and showing patience.

People who are more patient are comfortable with taking the time to assess difficult situations.

You also develop more self- confidence.

Don’t rush into making a decision because if you do, that decision will not end well for you. Remember, a decision made in haste is always a waste. It’s a waste of your time and effort.

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A Well Balanced Life

When you are patient, you will greatly reduce the worries in your life.

Because you are more self-aware,

  • you have a better understanding of what makes you happy
  • you will focus on the things that bring you joy.

The result: you become more aware of how to live your life in balance.

Better Relationships

Patience helps you develop and maintain a healthy relationship.

When you are patient, you are more:

  • Forgiving,
  • Understanding,
  • Open,
  • Flexible towards others’ mistakes and shortcomings.
  • You ignore other people’s mistakes, especially when dealing with those who live under a divine bond with you, spouse.

As a result, you build stronger and longer-lasting relationships.


Your life can turn into a gift if you develop patience.

It must be clear to you now that wise people were right and what you learned in school was correct; patience is a virtue.

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