bad habits which suck yopur energy

10 bad habits in MS: Your limited energy is at risk!

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Good habits make and terrible ones break people. This is also valid for MS patients. It is so crucial that MS patients adopt good habits for their energy & wellbeing. If MS patients squander their time on negative behavior patterns and following bad habits, they will get awful health.

Particularly their psychological wellness hampers. They lose their vitality & energy. Keep in mind that MS patients, as of now, have constrained store of energy. So they should prefer not to waste it and wisely & productively use it.

You’ll farewell for good to couple of habits which are part of people’s lives in the world. We encourage you to change those awful habits with great ones. You will read about 15 routines, many people are utilized to, which drain energy.


1. You consume too much Sugar.

Everyone loves sweet things! Even parrots love those too…

We either take natural sugar or non-natural sugar .

Natural sugar is naturally added in fruits and some vegetables. It is included in foods to the extant our bodies need. Following are several forms of natural sugar:

  • Glucose: found in honey, fruits and vegetables.
  • Maltose: found in barley.
  • Fructose: found in fruits and honey.
  • Lactose: found in milk, made from glucose and galactose.
  • Sucrose: made up of glucose and fructose and found in plants.
  • Galactose: found in milk and dairy products.

But artificial sugar, unfortunately does not take into account our bodies’ requirements. They only serve one purpose: make the foods sweat.

White sugar, the sugar we eat, is delectable. At the same time it’s also terrible for health. Furthermore, its sister, refined sugar, is a routine part of processed foods and dairy items. Refined sugar is more awful for MS patients. It is responsible to cause:

  • Dehydration,
  • Fatigue.

You have to make hobby to drink ‘sugar-free’ milk. Sandeep Maheshwari, an Indian motivational speaker, puts himself forward & says that he drinks milk with no sugar added. He, likewise, urges his viewers to drink milk without sugar.


2. You take Caffeinated Drinks:

A can  of soft drink or some espresso tastes great, isn’t that right?

These beverages keep your mind working!

Yes, but there is also a down side to it. Keep reading I’ll tell you..

These drinks are full with caffeine which gives you instant energy, yet they likewise do other products with refined sugar do. They dry out you and remove your limited energy.

Try go avoid caffeinated drinks particularly before sleep time.  Caffeinated drinks may disturb your bladder and don’t let you have good night sleep

Energy drinks:

Energy drinks are marketed as products with give instant energy (one can even charge a car after drinking a can). Partially this is true that these beverages give you energy, but they also stacks your body with caffeine and sugar.

The issue begins when their outcomes wears off. Your glucose’s level lowers than it was before taking the drink. In the end you feel

  • Slow,
  • Drained,
  • Got dried out and much more.

What about sodas?

Do you wanna argue that sodas do not have caffeine then they shouldn’t be bad for health? I disagree.

Carbonated drinks have more sugar than your actual daily need. And you know that sugar is awful for health.

Can I take diet sodas?

No, sir, you can’t! Because the agent responsible to cause sweetness in such drinks is aspartame. And you should stay away from aspartame products

3. You don’t Exercise

In our past posts, we encouraged you to be active. We hold our position, Daily exercise is useful for MS patients however excessive exercise may not be helpful if you have heat intolerance.

You need consistency and since you have constrained energy stock, don’t exercise excessively. Do it 20-30 minutes everyday.

Exercise is a great way against:

  • Fatigue,
  • Stiffness.

4. You drink less water:

Dehydration isn’t an MSer’s friends. Drinking less water brings about diminished vitality as well as results in negative impacts on state of mind and fixation.

Most people don’t drink enough waterWe need water to flush out toxins, keep our tissues hydrated, keep our energy up.

Scottsdale, Ariz., nutritionist Susan Ayersman of Kronos Optimal Health Center.

MS patients need to routinely devour water and stay at a mile’s distance from everything which cause it. The primary guilty parties which results in dehydration are processed foods and sugar.

  • Avoid processed (including frozen) foods,
  • Make habit to drink one glass of water each hour,.
  • Keep a filled jug/bottle on the table where you sit.

5. You sit for long:

It’s awful for your vitality, heart and brain.

MS patients need blood in their brains; this is impossible with delayed sitting. Putting yourself on the seat for a long time causes poor oxygen in your blood and blood flow. Keeps sitting for over one hour influences your heart as well.

6. You eat Deep fried food:

Such foods are tasty but they require effort for your body to digest. Your body needs to endeavor to direct blood from the limbs to the related organs. Thus, you feel worn out and lazy.

7. You don’t take enough Sleep:

Not having a decent night’s rest brings about tiredness. Ward off yourself from all the ‘rest busters’. Following are the conceivable ‘sleepnappers’.

  • Overcommitted plans,
  • Fear,
  • Light,
  • Noise,
  • Sickness,
  • Stress or uneasiness
  • Depression,
  • Alcohol,
  • Caffeine,
  • Medicines, (for example, diet pills, cold pills, and asthma meds),

8. Sleeping and Waking Up late

Sleeping is an issue in MS, I totally agree with you on this. Be away from all the sleep busters. Read the article on having sound sleep in MS click the link and read the full article. You’ll definitely wake on time when you sleep properly and on time.

9. Too much using the smartphone.

IDraining your time on social media and youtube is not only waste of your time but also makes you lazy. When lazy you will find excuses to skip exercises and other similar stuff.

How much is too much, you ask? Don’t use it to the extant that you miss on maintaining precious relationships and events. I did not mean it’s bad to use smartphones, but it’s very bad to get lost in those.

10. Watching too much TV

Every passing minute in front of TV your life is spending without doing anything productive. Every hour you sit in front of the TV is an hour you aren’t accomplishing something, You waste your life unless you learn something from what you watch.

You don’t spend time with family and companions  You also lose all the benefits of networking. In addition, you program yourself with antagonism and subject yourself to subliminal messages from sponsors. The reality of TV shows may appear in dreams, fantasies, or stories.

You finish with laziness, brain-fatigue, and stress (if it is a soap opera).

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